European Youth Champions 2022 crowned in Antalya, Turkey

The 2022 European Youth Chess Championship concluded yesterday in Antalya, Turkey, with an impressive closing ceremony. ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili, FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich, ECU Deputy President Dana Reizniece-Ozola, President of Turkish Chess Federation Gulkiz Tukay and the ECU Board members attended the closing ceremony and joined the awarding.

The ceremony started with impressive dance performances and was broadcasted live through the Turkish Chess Federation Youtube Channel.

The competition brought together over 1000 players from 46 European federations, but only 12 participants claimed the titles of European Champion in their respective categories.

Roman Shogdzhiev (FIDE, 1747) clinched the U8 championship thanks to better Buchholz over Marc Llari (FRA, 1769) – silver, and Ali Poyraz Uzdemir (TUR, 1566) – bronze, who had the same score of 7.5 points. The President of the French Chess Federation, Mr Eloi Relange, awarded the winners.

Sofya Kokareva (FIDE, 1288) dominated the Girls U8 tournament and won gold with a perfect score of 9/9. She became the only player in the event to win all nine games. Sofya finished two points ahead of Zoe Veselow (ENG, 1435), who took silver and Lila Rzadkowska (POL, 1243), who clinched the bronze with 6.5 points and better tiebreaks over Darya Shynkar (UKR, 1020) and Beren Cetin (TUR). ECU Chief Executive Officer Erald Dervishi awarded the top finishers.

Baver Yilmaz (TUR, 1722) came out on top in the Open U10 category after netting 7.5/9, a half a point ahead of a group of three players who tied for the second place. The tiebreak criteria determined the silver and bronze medalists. Gabriel Gabadadze (GEO, 1569) came second, Erik Golubovic (CRO, 1868) was third, and Murat Kutay Yardak (TUR, 1574) finished fourth. ECU Vice President Alojzije Jankovic and President of Turkish Chess Federation Ms Gulkiz Tulay awarded the winners.

Marianta Lampou (GRE, 1415) triumphed in the Girls U10 section scoring an impressive 8.5 points. Kristina Zavivaeva (FIDE, 1313) won silver with 7.5 points, and Mirzaliyeva Leyla (AZE, 1226) came third with 7 points. ECU Secretary General Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou awarded trophies and medals to the winners.

Patryk Cieslak (POL, 2088) clinched victory in the Open U12 category scoring 7.5 points, with four players tying for the second place with 7 points each. The tiebreaks (Buchholz) favoured Khagan Ahmad (AZE, 2135), who got silver, and Marat Gilfanov (FIDE, 1786), taking bronze. ECU Honorary Vice-President Mr Vanja Draskovic joined the ceremony and awarded the winners.

Diana Preobrazhenskaya (FIDE, 1930) won the Girls U12 championship with 7.5 points. Veronika Iudina (FIDE, 1686) and Oksana Goriachkina (FIDE, 1694) shared second place, with the former claiming silver thanks to better Buchholz.

Svyatoslav Bazakutsa (UKR, 2153) clinched gold in the Open U14 section netting 8/9. IM Ediz Gurel (TUR, 2449) finished a half-point behind and took silver, while Benik Agasarov (ARM, 2219) won the bronze medal with 7 points. ECU Vice-President Mr Gunnar Bjornsson awarded the medalists.

Valeria Kleymenova (FIDE, 2141) scored 7.5 points and emerged as the sole winner in the Girls U14 section, while three players tied for second place on 7 points each. Yana Zhapova (FIDE, 2220) had the best tiebreaks and won silver, Sofiia Moskalets (UKR, 1430) came third. ECU Vice President Ms Eva Repkova awarded the Winners.

IM Timothe Razafindratsima (FRA, 2453) won the Open U16 tournament after chalking up 7.5 points. He finished half a point ahead of three players who tied for second place, scoring 7 points each. The tiebreaks favoured Erdem Khubukshanov (FIDE, 2371), who got silver, over IM Emin Ohanyan (ARM, 2377) – bronze, and IM Aleksey Grebnev (FIDE, 2477), who came fourth. ECU Vice President Mr Malcolm Pein awarded the medalists.

Three players tied for the top position in the Girls U16 section scoring 7 points each. Mariya Manko (UKR, 2085) had the best tiebreaks and claimed gold, Kata Karacsonyi (HUN, 2109) won silver, and Weronika Zabrzanska (POL, 1992) earned bronze. ECU Deputy President Dana Reizniece-Ozola joined the awarding ceremony and awarded the winners.

IM Rudik Makarian (FIDE, 2505) scored 7.5 points to win the title in the Open U18 category in a close race with IM Murzin Volodar (FIDE, 2556) taking silver with 7 points. As many as six players tied for third place scoring 6.5 points. IM Mamikon Gharibyan (ARM, 2470) made the podium by dint of better tiebreaks. ECU President Mr Zurab Azmaiparashvili, FIDE President Mr Arkady Dvorkovich and President of Turkish Chess Federation Gulkiz Tulay awarded the winners.

Fresh from her Girls 18 World Youth Chess Championship triumph, where she had scored the astonishing 11/11 WIM Mariam Mkrtchyan (ARM, 2334) dominated the Girls U18 section, netting impressive 8.5 points. Mariam finished 1.5 points ahead of Yelyzaveta Hrebenshchykova (UKR, 2296), who won silver with 7 points. Four players tied for the bronze medal scoring 6.5 points each, but WIM Sofiia Hryzlova (UKR, 2092) had best Buchholz and came third. ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili and President of Turkish Chess Federation Gulkiz Tulay awarded the top finishers.

At the end of the awarding ceremony, the ECU President officially declared the event closed. Final rankings and all results can be found here.


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