Fifth Chess in Education Lecturer course announced

The International Chess Federation, together with its Chess in Education Commission (EDU) and “Chess” Scientific Research Institute (CSRI), is pleased to announce the 5th Chess in Education Lecturer course. The course will be held 28-30 October, in English, online 15:00-20:00 CET.

The objectives of the course:

  • To develop and enhance the skills of effective teaching of chess basics
  • To enhance the ability of using active and interactive teaching methods
  • To improve positive professional communication skills

The target audience of the course is professionals with experience in chess and education.

Duration and content: 3 days – 15 hours (including breaks) + Project.

Day 1

  1. Introduction (100 minutes); Fear – both teachers’ fear and your fear of exam!
  2. Teaching the chessboard. (130 minutes)
  3. Project assignment (10 minutes)